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Promotion Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5628 Cummins fuel filter, metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc

Shanghai Fleetgurad Filter Co.,Ltd

Promotion Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5628 Cummins fuel filter, metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc

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Brand Name : Fleetguard

Model Number : FF5628

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 100

Price : USD 1-15 /PCS

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 600 PCS PER DAY

Delivery Time : 5-10 work days

Packaging Details : Carton package, 12 PCS per package

Name : Fuel filter

Material : Metal

Colour : Gray

Purpose : cleaning engine lube

Used in field : engine,trucks,buses,engineering machine,generator set etc

Package : Carton

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Phone No.:+86 (719) 8250889
Contact Person: Jason Bai
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Fleetguard Filters List
ItemProduct No.Product English NamePrice(USD)
Lube Filters Series
11012B10-001Lube Filter with Pedestal6.92
21012D-010-A2Lube Filter with Pedestal6.75
31012D5-010Lube Filter with Pedestal6.83
41017010-29DFCentrifugal Lube Filter34.12
51017C-010-A2Centrifugal Lube Filter16.95
61017D5-010Shunting Lube Filter with pedestal10.12
71017G-010Shunting Lube Filter with pedestal10.33
8H002Lube Filter,Transmission System2.46
9L100Rotor,Centrifugal Lube Filter20.51
10LF16001-B-AMLube Filter7.15
11LF16008-AMLube Filter3.17
12LF16009-AMLube Filter,Turbo2.10
13LF16012-B-AMLube Filter2.90
14LF16013-B-AMLube Filter5.80
15LF16015-001Lube Filter11.47
16LF16034-B-AMLube Filter6.10
17LF16040-B-AMLube Filter,Turbo2.39
18LF16047Lube Filter4.24
19LF16107-AMLube Filter5.80
20LF16112Lube Filter3.85
21LF16116Lube Filter2.63
22LF16118-B-AMLube Filter4.09
23LF16119-B-AMLube Filter3.94
24LF16170-B-AMLube Filter5.81
25LF3000-001Lube Filter23.34
26LF3325-B-AMLube Filter12.90
27LF3345-AMLube Filter4.98
28LF3345-B-AMLube Filter4.98
29LF3349-AMLube Filter4.98
30LF3349-B-AMLube Filter4.98
31LF3629-B-AMLube Filter5.72
32LF3664-AMLube Filter5.81
33LF3713-B-AMLube Filter4.50
34LF3715-B-AMLube Filter8.50
35LF3716-B-AMLube Filter9.52
36LF3720-AMLube Filter3.04
37LF3721Lube Filter3.58
38LF3722-AMLube Filter,Shunting Type4.29
39LF3753-AMLube Filter1.35
40LF3760-AMLube Filter1.72
41LF3764-B-AMLube Filter3.64
42LF3784-AMLube Filter3.80
43LF3784-B-AMLube Filter3.80
44LF3812Lube Filter5.15
45LF670-B-AMLube Filter10.89
46LF691ALube Filter13.70
47LF701-AMLube Filter4.27
48LF777-B-AMLube Filter,Shunting Type12.26
49LF9001-001Lube Filter,Conbination Type22.12
50LF9009-SFG-AMLube Filter,Conbination Type23.34
Fuel Filters Series
511105D-010-AFuel Filter with Pedestal Assy3.07
521105F5A-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy3.73
531117QE-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy6.96
541117QF18-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy6.96
551117V16-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy12.69
56FF105-B-AMFuel Filter3.45
57FF105D-B-AMFuel Filter4.38
58FF202-B-AMFuel Filter12.70
59FF5052-AMFuel Filter4.16
60FF5052-B-AMFuel Filter4.16
61FF5135-AMFuel Filter5.65
62FF5264Fuel Filter5.84
63FF5292Fuel Filter2.30
64FF5293-AFuel Filter2.00
65FF5295Fuel Filter2.30
66FF5327-AMFuel Filter4.02
67FF5327-B-AMFuel Filter4.02
68FF5328-AMFuel Filter3.96
69FF5377-DFFuel Filter5.32
70FF5403-AMFuel Filter2.69
71FF5403-B-AMFuel Filter2.69
72FF5459Fuel Filter1.59
73FF5476-B-AMFuel Filter4.09
74FF5477-B-AMFuel Filter5.93
75FF5484-B-AMFuel Filter2.39
76FF5485-B-AMFuel Filter10.32
77FF5488-B-AMFuel Filter6.23
78FF5502-AMFuel Filter6.60
79FF5628-B-AMFuel Filter4.73
80FF5688-AMFuel Filter14.17
Fuel-water Seperator/Fuel Prefilter
811119G-019Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
821119G-020Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
831119N-010Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
841119N-020Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
85F010Fuel Prefilter12.55
86F040Fuel Prefilter4.40
87F040-001Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal8.72
88F041Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal12.80
89F049Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal8.26
90F076-070-AMCollecting Water Cup Assy10.05
91F076-073-AMSensor,Water Level4.57
92F076-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal22.85
93F076-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/cup/sensor25.13
94F084Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/sensor17.40
95F098-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup68.54
96F098-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup/sensor75.40
97F101-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup38.03
98F101-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup/sensor39.50
99F122-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup21.02
100F122-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/cup/sensor23.30
101F125Fuel Water Seperator6.05
102F156-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/cup/sensor68.54
103FS1000-001Fuel Water Seperator10.84
104FS1003-BFuel Water Seperator with sensor26.49
105FS1006-001Fuel Water Seperator18.24
106FS1212-010Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal12.65
107FS1212-010-AFuel Water Seperator with Pedestal12.65
108FS1212-B-AMFuel Water Seperator6.87
109FS1235-B-AMFuel Water Seperator6.66
111FS1240B-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup15.76
112FS1240BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor18.28
113FS1242-B-AMFilter Vessel,Fuel Water Seperator6.85
114FS1242B-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup16.45
115FS1242BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor19.99
116FS1280-AMFuel Water Seperator5.40
117FS1280-B-AMFuel Water Seperator5.40
118FS1282-BFuel Water Seperator4.68
119FS1282-BFuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/sensor17.40
120FS19544-AMFuel Water Seperator3.55
121FS19587-B-AMFuel Water Seperator3.31
122FS19607-B-AMFuel Water Seperator3.24
123FS19686Fuel Water Seperator6.29
124FS19787Fuel Water Seperator3.64
125FS19789Fuel Water Seperator11.66
126FS19816-B-AMFilter Vessel,Fuel Water Seperator15.99
127FS19816-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup26.27
128FS19816BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor29.70
129FS19822-B-AMFilter Vessel,Fuel Water Seperator7.29
130FS19822B-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup16.89
131FS19822BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor20.43
Air Filters Series
132AA90134/K2841Air Filter21.77
133AA2960/K3050Air Filter36.29
134AA90142/K2845PUAir Filter21.77
135AF26605/K2845PUAir Filter21.77
136AA90155/K3047PUAir Filter29.03
137AA2957/K2850Air Filter29.03
138AA2958/K3250Air Filter43.55
139AA90138/K2238PUAir Filter16.94
140AA90133Air Filter16.94
141AA90162/K2144Air Filter14.52
142AA2956/K2342Air Filter14.52
143AA2978/K2647Air Filter26.61
144AF879M/857Air Filter72.58
145AF899M/880Air Filter72.58
146AF935M/934Air Filter58.06

Quality Promotion Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5628 Cummins fuel filter, metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc for sale

Promotion Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5628 Cummins fuel filter, metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc Images

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