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Promotion Fleetguard Fuel-water Seperator FS1212 , metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc

Shanghai Fleetgurad Filter Co.,Ltd

Promotion Fleetguard Fuel-water Seperator FS1212 , metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc

Brand Name : Fleetguard

Model Number : FS1212

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 100

Price : USD 1-15 Per pcs

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 600 PCS per day

Delivery Time : 5-10 work days

Packaging Details : Carton package, 12 PCS per package

Name : Fuel-water Seperator

Material : Metal

Colour : White

Purpose : Cleaning Fuel

Used in field : Engine,trucks,buses,engineering Machine,generator Set Etc

Package : Carton

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Fleetguard Filters List
ItemProduct No.Product English NamePrice(USD)
Lube Filters Series
11012B10-001Lube Filter with Pedestal6.92
21012D-010-A2Lube Filter with Pedestal6.75
31012D5-010Lube Filter with Pedestal6.83
41017010-29DFCentrifugal Lube Filter34.12
51017C-010-A2Centrifugal Lube Filter16.95
61017D5-010Shunting Lube Filter with pedestal10.12
71017G-010Shunting Lube Filter with pedestal10.33
8H002Lube Filter,Transmission System2.46
9L100Rotor,Centrifugal Lube Filter20.51
10LF16001-B-AMLube Filter7.15
11LF16008-AMLube Filter3.17
12LF16009-AMLube Filter,Turbo2.10
13LF16012-B-AMLube Filter2.90
14LF16013-B-AMLube Filter5.80
15LF16015-001Lube Filter11.47
16LF16034-B-AMLube Filter6.10
17LF16040-B-AMLube Filter,Turbo2.39
18LF16047Lube Filter4.24
19LF16107-AMLube Filter5.80
20LF16112Lube Filter3.85
21LF16116Lube Filter2.63
22LF16118-B-AMLube Filter4.09
23LF16119-B-AMLube Filter3.94
24LF16170-B-AMLube Filter5.81
25LF3000-001Lube Filter23.34
26LF3325-B-AMLube Filter12.90
27LF3345-AMLube Filter4.98
28LF3345-B-AMLube Filter4.98
29LF3349-AMLube Filter4.98
30LF3349-B-AMLube Filter4.98
31LF3629-B-AMLube Filter5.72
32LF3664-AMLube Filter5.81
33LF3713-B-AMLube Filter4.50
34LF3715-B-AMLube Filter8.50
35LF3716-B-AMLube Filter9.52
36LF3720-AMLube Filter3.04
37LF3721Lube Filter3.58
38LF3722-AMLube Filter,Shunting Type4.29
39LF3753-AMLube Filter1.35
40LF3760-AMLube Filter1.72
41LF3764-B-AMLube Filter3.64
42LF3784-AMLube Filter3.80
43LF3784-B-AMLube Filter3.80
44LF3812Lube Filter5.15
45LF670-B-AMLube Filter10.89
46LF691ALube Filter13.70
47LF701-AMLube Filter4.27
48LF777-B-AMLube Filter,Shunting Type12.26
49LF9001-001Lube Filter,Conbination Type22.12
50LF9009-SFG-AMLube Filter,Conbination Type23.34
Fuel Filters Series
511105D-010-AFuel Filter with Pedestal Assy3.07
521105F5A-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy3.73
531117QE-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy6.96
541117QF18-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy6.96
551117V16-010Fuel Filter with Pedestal Assy12.69
56FF105-B-AMFuel Filter3.45
57FF105D-B-AMFuel Filter4.38
58FF202-B-AMFuel Filter12.70
59FF5052-AMFuel Filter4.16
60FF5052-B-AMFuel Filter4.16
61FF5135-AMFuel Filter5.65
62FF5264Fuel Filter5.84
63FF5292Fuel Filter2.30
64FF5293-AFuel Filter2.00
65FF5295Fuel Filter2.30
66FF5327-AMFuel Filter4.02
67FF5327-B-AMFuel Filter4.02
68FF5328-AMFuel Filter3.96
69FF5377-DFFuel Filter5.32
70FF5403-AMFuel Filter2.69
71FF5403-B-AMFuel Filter2.69
72FF5459Fuel Filter1.59
73FF5476-B-AMFuel Filter4.09
74FF5477-B-AMFuel Filter5.93
75FF5484-B-AMFuel Filter2.39
76FF5485-B-AMFuel Filter10.32
77FF5488-B-AMFuel Filter6.23
78FF5502-AMFuel Filter6.60
79FF5628-B-AMFuel Filter4.73
80FF5688-AMFuel Filter14.17
Fuel-water Seperator/Fuel Prefilter
811119G-019Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
821119G-020Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
831119N-010Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
841119N-020Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal6.08
85F010Fuel Prefilter12.55
86F040Fuel Prefilter4.40
87F040-001Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal8.72
88F041Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal12.80
89F049Fuel Prefilter with Pedestal8.26
90F076-070-AMCollecting Water Cup Assy10.05
91F076-073-AMSensor,Water Level4.57
92F076-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal22.85
93F076-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/cup/sensor25.13
94F084Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/sensor17.40
95F098-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup68.54
96F098-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup/sensor75.40
97F101-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup38.03
98F101-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup/sensor39.50
99F122-B-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/cup21.02
100F122-BS-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/cup/sensor23.30
101F125Fuel Water Seperator6.05
102F156-001Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/cup/sensor68.54
103FS1000-001Fuel Water Seperator10.84
104FS1003-BFuel Water Seperator with sensor26.49
105FS1006-001Fuel Water Seperator18.24
106FS1212-010Fuel Water Seperator with Pedestal12.65
107FS1212-010-AFuel Water Seperator with Pedestal12.65
108FS1212-B-AMFuel Water Seperator6.87
109FS1235-B-AMFuel Water Seperator6.66
111FS1240B-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup15.76
112FS1240BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor18.28
113FS1242-B-AMFilter Vessel,Fuel Water Seperator6.85
114FS1242B-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup16.45
115FS1242BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor19.99
116FS1280-AMFuel Water Seperator5.40
117FS1280-B-AMFuel Water Seperator5.40
118FS1282-BFuel Water Seperator4.68
119FS1282-BFuel Water Seperator with Pedestal/pump/sensor17.40
120FS19544-AMFuel Water Seperator3.55
121FS19587-B-AMFuel Water Seperator3.31
122FS19607-B-AMFuel Water Seperator3.24
123FS19686Fuel Water Seperator6.29
124FS19787Fuel Water Seperator3.64
125FS19789Fuel Water Seperator11.66
126FS19816-B-AMFilter Vessel,Fuel Water Seperator15.99
127FS19816-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup26.27
128FS19816BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor29.70
129FS19822-B-AMFilter Vessel,Fuel Water Seperator7.29
130FS19822B-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup16.89
131FS19822BS-B-AMFuel Water Seperator with Cup/sensor20.43
Air Filters Series
132AA90134/K2841Air Filter21.77
133AA2960/K3050Air Filter36.29
134AA90142/K2845PUAir Filter21.77
135AF26605/K2845PUAir Filter21.77
136AA90155/K3047PUAir Filter29.03
137AA2957/K2850Air Filter29.03
138AA2958/K3250Air Filter43.55
139AA90138/K2238PUAir Filter16.94
140AA90133Air Filter16.94
141AA90162/K2144Air Filter14.52
142AA2956/K2342Air Filter14.52
143AA2978/K2647Air Filter26.61
144AF879M/857Air Filter72.58
145AF899M/880Air Filter72.58
146AF935M/934Air Filter58.06

Quality Promotion Fleetguard Fuel-water Seperator FS1212 , metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc for sale

Promotion Fleetguard Fuel-water Seperator FS1212 , metal white,used in trucks,bues,engineering machine etc Images

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